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Out the cage ... they can't keep me in ...

"I have a very simple person with a very simple message, OK?
If my words could just touch .. just one heart tonight ..
preferably a heart that suffers from paranoia,
and has access to a sniper rifle or a crossbow,
then my work is done."

Fear of a Brown Planet - Assassination - Aamer Rahman
I don't know what to quite say about the following site but I share it ... because I'm MC'd. Anyway, I have been going through articles of interest passed on to me by an elder and looking through them, here is one:

From http://mindcontrolblackassassins.com/about/
My interest in BLACK MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE began in an event that I will never forget. On May 19, 1969, Malcolm X Day Celebration and Black Student Conference at Merritt Junior College, I unwittingly came face-to-face with one of the military-industrial-medical complex experimental products, a prototype Black zombie assassin.  On the morning of registration of the event, the sisters noticed one of the registrants acting weird and called me. He had a concealed weapon.  I told the sisters to keep him talking until I got there. Upon arrival, I discovered a young 22 to 26 year old black male about 5’ 6’ and 140 pounds leisurely with both hands on the table, and leaning over it engaging one of the sisters in aimless conversation. He had a medium light brown complexion with a thin mustache. He was alone, well dressed in a dark sports coat, sweater and slacks. I noticed the bulge under his shoulder. I asked him to step outside for a moment. He appeared to have been under some type of drug. He had his far out and disassociate look in his eyes and his speech was somewhat slurring. He complied politely without incident. Once outside, the brothers of our security detail surrounded and detained him. As the brothers were disarming him, he resisted and became physically combative. He showed surprising strength for his size and demeanor.  It took at least 6 or 7 brothers to wrestle him to the ground and disarm him. No blows had to be thrown. As he was subdued and pinned on the ground, I watched his eyes fall back into his head, relax and foam began to run from the corners of his month.
The very same phenomenon was observed in Marcus Wayne Chenault as he was subdued and pinned on the ground after shooting and killing Mrs. Martin Luther King in Atlanta while she was played the piano in the church pulpit.  Chenault was only about 5 feet tall and no more than 120 pounds, but he had also exhibited superior strength for his size and demeanor while he was being subdued.  Chenault had been under a hypnotic state to kill the senior Dr. Martin Luther King, but by fate was out of range when Chenault was triggered.
 The subdued young man carried a standard Smith & Weston snub nosed 38 caliber revolver in a brown leather shoulder hostler with lethal and outlawed dum-dum bullets. He wasn’t an activist or a nationalist brother.  He just didn’t make any sense. He was a big blank. He couldn’t explain his presence at the event or the reason for being lethally armed. The only thing that made any sense was that he had been sent in as a lone assassin to kill either Stokely Carmichael or H. Rap Brown under a hypnotic suggestion.        He had a sole piece of ID (driver’s license or California I.D.) and keys to an apartment someplace near the campus off the 40th block of Telegraph Avenue. I sent a detail of two brothers to the apartment with specific instructions to bring something back from the apartment. I couldn’t leave the event because I feared there was a backup team.
Some of the brothers were threatening to kill the young man and dump him in the bay.  We were not in the business of killing.  My vow as part of the vanguard had been not to harm any members of our community. Nobody was going to die under my watch. My intention was to detain him out of sight only until Carmichael and Brown and most of the prominent and visible community leaders and guests had safely left the event. I was also hoping that whoever sent him in was thinking that he was still active and operational, and not send in a backup team.
After the event, armed, I had to escort the young man safely away from campus. The information collected about the young man including the gun that he had was subsequently compromised by a state police agent/informant that had infilrated our security team.  
You see I had unwittingly captured a real BLACK MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE!