[VID/AUDIO] Black Martyr Foundation Addressing our New Direction

The black martyr foundation ...
was initially about ...
black politics, african politics,
african american issues,
and different things ...
that affected so-called 'black'
population in america, and disapora-
effected people world-wide
which would even go towards
palestinians, south africans, africans, south americans,
but with a focus on black americans. 

with that being said, it was also my personal view on these things
has changed over time ...


INCOMING - The Black Martyr Handbook

I haven't been posting here for some time.

I have outgrown Black Martyrdom.

I am no longer promoting, or into, activism.

I am now into inner vision.

My upcoming book will explain why.

I will be requiring professional editing services.

Please contact me if you are interested.

I'm not sure that any of this will be expected.

But it will be.

Just as I Am.


The Purpose of Creation

Succinctly explainable only through metaphor:

Just as humans create tools, which, on their own, have no purpose or utility to themselves, nor any possibility of recognition of the mind of the human creator, these things existing only in the thoughts of the humans that created them;

So too are we humans vessels, or tools, created for purposes beyond our comprehension, only waiting to be "picked up" and made purposeful by our creators.


LNK: How Troll Operations Work

Thanks anonymous friends.

Haven't checked all links but tell me what you think.

Check it out:

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VID: KRS One on Malcolm X, failure of Civil Rights movement, Racism and Institutionalized White Supremacy

Malcolm X, in 1965, in one of his last statements, [spoke] to a group of young students. 
This is what he said. 
"In America, students have been noted for involving themselves in panty raids,
goldfish swallowing, seeing how many can get into a phone booth, not for their
revolutionary, political ideas, or their desires to change unjust conditions,
but some students are becoming more like their brothers around the world. 
However, the students have been decieved somewhat, in what's known as the "Civil Rights Struggle", which was never designed to solve the problem. It was pretty much designed to deal with the problem, to live in the problem, to find better ways to accept the problem. 
But Civil Rights, according to Malcolm X, never dealt with the problem.
The students were manevured in the direction of thinking, the problem was already analyzed, so they didn't try to analyze it for themselves, said Malcolm X.
So they didn't try and analyze it for themselves. 
If the students forgot the analyis that had been presented to them, and they went into a huddle, and began to research this problem of Racism for themselves, independant of politicians, and independant of all foundations which are part of the power structure, then some of their findings would be shocking. 
But they would see, that they would never be able to bring about a solution to Racism in this country, as long as they relied on the Government to do it.

My question is, why is what was said 50 years ago still completely relevant today?


[blog] Dreams of Tyranny

What is going on in the world?

I wish to know. Since I was a young child I could not put together the hypocrisy..

Life seems to be an inherent contradiction.

As do I seem to be a contradiction; so how could I know what the world was without knowing what I was?


I don't even really know where to begin, so lets go.

It will help immensely to be highly familiar with the films in this youtube playlist:
Dreams of Tyranny 

Fahrenheit 451, Brave New World, 1984.

Also included in that playlist is a lecture given at Berkeley in 1966 by Aldous Huxley.


These are only some of the pre-requisites, which are numerous.

I can only say that I have yet to find a system that encompasses all of this information comfortably, however Political Ponerology seems to have the best fit, once it is accented with the teachings of Neely Fuller Jr. and Francis Cress Welsing (R.I.P.)


Most contemporaneous is the film series The Matrix, and of those films, the most informative scene is The Architect scene.


Though I reference works of fiction/science fiction/fantasy, the topic I will be covering is nothing but.

Casual knowing is only one level of understanding of these materials.


Why not?

The reason these things will be difficult to put together is because of what I like to think of as defenses; but it may be unintended.

Illustration: I will be dealing with how you believe things are. What has been done to cement these beliefs is present them as A or B choices: A is your belief, and B is something repulsive/illogical/etc. Therefor, when you encounter someone who doesn't believe in A, they most likely believe in B.

It is probably more complex than this, but the point is that as long as your ability to change how you see things is not in your control, your life is not really in your control - but this is not necessarily a bad thing.

The main point of the Aldous Huxley speech is thus - the aim has been to get people to enjoy their servitude.

If you are comfortable with the above, then none of this may be for you.


A good understanding of Christianity is also required, however I do not know how any of this looks through fundamentalist eyes.


"The Psycho-Social, Chemical, Biological & Electro-Magnetic Manipulation of Human Consciousness" - Jedi Mind Tricks

This is essentially what has been done to mankind over the past 100 years. I see the roots of this plan taking place over the past 500 years, but it may be that it has gone on for thousands of years.

I do not believe the world has always been like this - as Huxley states - as I see the main purpose of the destruction of people and their history (besides being delightfully evil) is to destroy their truths.

But maybe the word 'world' would have to be carefully defined in order for any of this to make sense.

Also for consideration is why do I question these systems of control, and object to them?
Further, why do I wish to remember these questions, and share them with others.. does anyone else care?


To illustrate, I could wax poetic, like my dad would say, for ages, on what I've learned, explored, and understood in the past 6 months. All the time feeling like some sort of kid in a world-sized candy store, truly rushing heedlessly from aisle to isle, block to block.. is the overwhelming enthusiasm from each new experience causing the memory loss? I need to slow down..


BLOG: The New African Order

While it might be impossible to fully understand White Supremacy and its influence over our world and its history, there may exist the possibility that personal perspectives might play a greater role over that power than is easily noticeable.

If the essence of the war against the black African was initially empowered by thoughts and ideas, does that make it the only battle we would have to fight? Could it possibly be a distraction from a bigger battle we should be fighting?

Also, with such an incredible amount of division in African American movements, and a steady resistance against them, could we be more different than is commonly recognized?

I'm beginning to wonder abut going against the grain, especially when it is ingrained at such a deep level in contemporary societies.

Setting these things aside for a moment, it is obvious that the world exists in some sort of off balance equilibrium, where injustice is justice, and everything in line from there, still equates to ordered. If it will ever change, I may never know.

But does is have to be the only world? This world is divided to no end, each person their own semiautonomous authority, with only vague guidelines set in place to keep harmony, each with often very different ideas of right and wrong. Could is be a illusion? What isn't an illusion?

What does this all mean? You tell me...

"My life is a contradiction" - Myles Wilson Sr. 1922-2015