BLOG: The New African Order

While it might be impossible to fully understand White Supremacy and its influence over our world and its history, there may exist the possibility that personal perspectives might play a greater role over that power than is easily noticeable.

If the essence of the war against the black African was initially empowered by thoughts and ideas, does that make it the only battle we would have to fight? Could it possibly be a distraction from a bigger battle we should be fighting?

Also, with such an incredible amount of division in African American movements, and a steady resistance against them, could we be more different than is commonly recognized?

I'm beginning to wonder abut going against the grain, especially when it is ingrained at such a deep level in contemporary societies.

Setting these things aside for a moment, it is obvious that the world exists in some sort of off balance equilibrium, where injustice is justice, and everything in line from there, still equates to ordered. If it will ever change, I may never know.

But does is have to be the only world? This world is divided to no end, each person their own semiautonomous authority, with only vague guidelines set in place to keep harmony, each with often very different ideas of right and wrong. Could is be a illusion? What isn't an illusion?

What does this all mean? You tell me...

"My life is a contradiction" - Myles Wilson Sr. 1922-2015