VID: KRS One on Malcolm X, failure of Civil Rights movement, Racism and Institutionalized White Supremacy

Malcolm X, in 1965, in one of his last statements, [spoke] to a group of young students. 
This is what he said. 
"In America, students have been noted for involving themselves in panty raids,
goldfish swallowing, seeing how many can get into a phone booth, not for their
revolutionary, political ideas, or their desires to change unjust conditions,
but some students are becoming more like their brothers around the world. 
However, the students have been decieved somewhat, in what's known as the "Civil Rights Struggle", which was never designed to solve the problem. It was pretty much designed to deal with the problem, to live in the problem, to find better ways to accept the problem. 
But Civil Rights, according to Malcolm X, never dealt with the problem.
The students were manevured in the direction of thinking, the problem was already analyzed, so they didn't try to analyze it for themselves, said Malcolm X.
So they didn't try and analyze it for themselves. 
If the students forgot the analyis that had been presented to them, and they went into a huddle, and began to research this problem of Racism for themselves, independant of politicians, and independant of all foundations which are part of the power structure, then some of their findings would be shocking. 
But they would see, that they would never be able to bring about a solution to Racism in this country, as long as they relied on the Government to do it.

My question is, why is what was said 50 years ago still completely relevant today?