Black Manhood in an Age of Colonial Oppression - Part 2

This a follow-up to the Blog Purpose - Revolution or Annihilation.

First I want to state that I do not claim to know what Manhood is, or that I am the True definition of a Man.
Simultaneously I do not wish to deride any men of color who are providing for their families, or NOT, who are incarcerated, or NOT, that is not the purpose of these writings.

What I intend is a discussion of what Manhood IS, which I believe must be addressed with several contexts in mind. First of all is an education of what has influenced people of color - which I believe is explained by a study of propaganda and psychological warfare.

It must be understood that the nationalities that reside in America that did not choose to go there constitute a sub-culture, one that is oppressed, and not in its original form; nor is it even in a form of any type of equilibrium or harmony.

That Manhood for most constitutes unabashed confidence, displays of strength, and dominance, is shown in the idealized Hollywood man, which I believe has been the role model for American Men for generations.

But is it the Ideal Man that they are showing, or is it the Ideal "White" Man?

To be clear, I intend for these messages to primarily reach people of color; for it is necessary.
For anyone else, you are invited to learn and participate however, know that many things
you read on this site may make you quite angry. While that is not of my concern, nor my intention,
know that all that I can upset in you is your emotions, and disrupt your view of how the world works,
while what I assert is a matter of life and death to my intended audience.

This information frankly is not directed towards anyone not of color; for their own responsibility is to understand this information and to tell their own people.

The most difficult thing represented by this site, is that you may have to change your life, change your way of thinking, change your perspective, change your friends. Perhaps change your home, profession...

If you do not understand but are entertained, by all means follow along until you gain the will to do the research on your own.