BLOG: Summary of Logic used

Recapitulation of stated thesis:

(1) That the people of the world we live in are under a mass hypnosis very similar to that described in the movie the Matrix (1999), and other allegories such as The Islanders, 1984, Brave New World, Alice & Wonderland, and most importantly Plato's Cave Allegory, which I think was written during the initiation of (2)

(2) That the world is under a White Supremacist rule, which cannot be defined by common socially understood concepts; rather, Genetic Supremacy of Caucasian blood was initiated to suppress proliferation and eventual out-numbering of non-white genetics and to prevent the overall decimation of pure Caucasian genetics.

(3) I believe that through-out history, both fictional and genuine, a story is woven of the above, which is difficult to place together because of false identifications caused by cultural pressures; false idols, in other words. Weaving together this story requires understanding the context of (2)

(4) The world that we live in is under constraint by our collective thoughts - which, due to (1), have been narrowly limited and focused into a use of human life that is against cosmic law. That it exists is by virtue of the power under its control,

(5) Altered states of consciousness allow insight into the world beyond social conditioning, adding to the reasons drugs are culturally prohibited and knowledge about their proper uses censored.

(6) Biblically, parts of this story are referenced, such as in Genesis: Cain is said to kill his brother Able, for which he is marked - the forgotten consensus being, that he was turned black. No further thought is given to the subject, and it is considered senseless racist propaganda. The problem is, that many things begin to align when you think along the lines of him being turned white, as a leper or albino.

(7) That the damage done by the imperialistic conquest world-wide is directly related to current global wealth inequality and environmental destruction, that globalization of capitalism is unsustainable, and mainly benefits the minority 'first-world' white populations, while exploiting non-white 'third-world' populations.

(8) That due to all of the above, the power to undo these injustices is being formed, through self-knowledge, through dissemination of information, through remembering of ancient principles and their correct application.

(9) That correct understanding of these principles will signify submission to, and expression of, The Most High, Creator of all things known and unknown, who created the Universe and all things in it, out of, and through, the cosmic principles.