VID: Hip Hop, Corporate Media, Institutional Racism, White Supremacy & Social Justice

Our show is centered upon the same principles as the legendary Afrika Bambaataa's original hip-hop radio program, which are "peace, unity, love and having fun, fun, fun...". We want to make a difference here at The Hip-Hop Corner and bring some positive energy to this planet.
Along those lines, no show we've ever done is more important than the episode that is available for download this week. We brought in my college professor , a renowned hip-hop activist and published author, Solomon Comissiong (www.solomoncomissiong.com), to speak out on hip-hop and how it relates to the larger American culture and society.
We spoke out on a wide range of issues from corporate manipulation of hip-hop artists to propaganda in the media to institutional racism to the prison industrial complex and more... The conversation got very deep and very controversial. Believe me, the powers that be don't want these types of conversations on the radio! Our website: thehiphopcorner.net.