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Another Black Martyr FAQ

A) Are you Racist, Homophobic or Nazi or Black Supremacist or Anti-Christian or any other thing?
B) How deeply do you think Propaganda has effected civilization?
C) What exactly do you believe in?
D) Where were you educated?
E) Do you want to blow up America?
F) Why do you challenge currently held beliefs? These are sacred.
G) Where can I get more information?
H) Do you think people should use drugs?
I) Do you think you are God?
J) What is the difference between bad and evil? Does evil even exist?
K) How endemic do you think racism is in America?
L) What is your view on the subconscious?
M) How does White Supremacy equate to Black Supremacy?
N) Have you ever considered that you might be possessed by a demon or the devil?
O) What is Schizophrenia?
P) Do our thoughts make reality?
Q) What is a good diet?
R) What are your views on prophecy?
S) Who pays you? Do you work for someone?
T) What is the apocalypse? What does the future hold for humanity?
U) Explain what you think about heaven and hell.
V) What is synchronicity?
W) Life after death / reincarnation?
X) How do you determine true/false in regards to information when researching?
Y) How has your computer experience helped you in decoding the Matrix?
Z) Can I haz a cookie?

A) Are you Racist or Homophobic or Nazi or Black Supremacist or Anti-Christian or any other thing?

1) I like everyone. I am a fairly nice person.
           I don't like certain thought processes - especially ones not well inspected.

2) I am not racist. I like my own people, as separated and confused as they are.
  Science supports all melanin related claims, and all views are hypothetical towards construction of an outlook.

3) I am not homophobic. I believe a boundary is crossed socially when people who practice
  gay lifestyles vocalize and advocate for others to be 'free' also. It is a multi-fold problem:   opposition is built into *society*, which at the same time creates the current dilemma: one must either understand that they make a *choice* in their lifestyle, or that they have been possibly manipulated at a psychological, physical, or even genetic level to have their current state of sexuality. Low to high, it is said there are %3 to %10 of a population that are homosexual - this does not equate, and the high estimate is from a known propagandist. So why is it world-wide news right now? Distraction. From what? Eugenics.

4) Having said that I am simply attempting free, critical thought, and if my thoughts upset you or displace your foundation or cause you confusion, you may have to look in the mirror.

B) How deeply do you think Propaganda has effected civilization?

This is a very difficult question, but quickly, fully, wholly, and to the core.
Changing views on history and future outlooks, over-writing heart-known myths
with fantastical fictions objectifying but diminishing apparent truths, in all
creating an outlook that comfortably fit over the actual nature of the world,
so as to make two concrete worlds super-imposed on one another, with one calling
to the lesser instincts of man; one made by man; one made for man; one made to
control man, and has, to this extreme degree completely analogous to the matrix,
with naked (white?) subjects in pods with cords and electrodes attached, experiencing
the gamut of emotions in disarray, perpetually, fueling the machine. In reality,
science is working on *powering* things from melanin.

Propaganda is not something that is easily discernible from my descriptions or any
other. I am hoping to expose its grasp through my writings and postings, but to this
day it has been very recent that I began to see it. So you do best to hold reservations
on what it is exactly I am painting until it begins to become clear to you.

Think about classical conditioning - the type used to train dogs.
Now imagine: When an image of bacon is placed in front of a man, he thinks about food.
                        When an image of a beautiful woman is placed in front of him, his emotions begin
                        to rise. He may not notice that, only feel that he is 'attracted' or 'aroused' suddenly;
                        after repeated exposure to such stimuli the mind is habitually inclined to respond to
          other stimuli.

C) What exactly do you believe in?

Good question. Very good question. Uhh.....

Well, my beliefs are fundamentally based on ancestor worship. I believe that my
physical parents actually created me, as they were created by their parents, and
so on. The first people were created by The Most High, who created everything within
the constraints of the 7 cosmic laws, and out of them.

From there I will say that I was raised Christian in America, somewhat baptist,
but spent good amounts of time adopting thoroughly alternate view-points such as
astrology, Buddhism, law of attraction, self-divinity, Native American vision questing.
Each time the perspectives would fade and I would be left with some of the elements but
not the overwhelming focus on its tenants. After some time I would see that pattern
repeated, coming to understand that each of these things had some facets which would
fuse themselves with my identity, highly modifying my outlook, my expectations, possibly
even my post-rationalizations of memories. Christianity shed for me some months ago.

Now I am without religion. I believe I may be of the bloodline of David. I look into
information about African Kingdoms and religions, Egyptian culture, Nubian culture,
Kemetic culture. I find that most of the time European myth was directly applied over it.
I have not found any particular way that I have adopted, but find the research interesting
in the light of W.S. and my prior understandings of various world cultures, histories, and
religions/spiritual systems.

I believe astrology is more influential than even modern America admits; more so than
fortunes and readings. I could see it in people, an old women told me my rising sign,
Gemini, just by looking at me, and I think that Chinese astrology can dictate interpersonal
relations, as well as elements and stars dictating life origins and outcomes. But I don't
know, and don't weigh heavily on it, mainly wonder in that direction when I feel the pinge.

I am tall, skinny, independent and misanthropic, an outcast leader, an Aries born on the
Pisces cusp, with the rising sign of Gemini, I am a very variable person. Or, was.. I
would go between fiery and watery quite easily. A metal monkey in Chinese astrology,
explains my proclivity for computing, and jumpy mental state/innovative outlook.

I believe dreams may have much more to them than socially admitted; especially those lucid,
and a lot of fiction may have metaphysical truths in them, as stated in Symbolic Truths.

So to wrap it up I don't know if what exactly anyone believes in matters as much as what
they *understand* from what they believe, what they know outside of what they have been
taught by others, what they have intuited in times of meditation and questing, what they
have been able to assemble as far as an outlook from their own individual life and history
and gifts and skills that they were given.

I also believe in Karma. And what goes around, comes around.

Oh, and I've been studying a lot of Dragon Ball Z & Naruto, in case I have battle demons.

D) Where were you educated?

I wasn't. I was in a fog until around 19, but dropped out of high school at 14. Until then
I had decent grades and had been told my writing was interesting. I don't know if they told
everyone that.

I've mostly read a lot online since the internets inception. I meditate on the essence and
read random obscure things and take notes sometimes write songs about it. I talk to various
people about spiritual/political/religious things. I allowed my self to be led.

I attended a writing class in Bakersfield for a while. It was cool, and there I began to
develop my current critical research application. I still don't take enough notes, but
thanks Ms. Hubble. :D

E) Do you want to blow up America?

Nah, but I want my money back.
More than my money, I want my peoples money back, I want ghettos to be outlawed,
I want outlaw cops to be outlawed, I want American media to stop catering to biases
and manipulating people into seeing highly skewed aspects of diverse people, I want
the millions of black people in jail freed, I want the families affected by murders
applauded, compensated, I want wealth re-appropriated, in short, I want the entire
system to be turned around, it is anything but just, anything but right, and minute
changes will never address that.

F) Why do you challenge currently held beliefs? These are sacred.

I believe that in order to understand the time that we are in, we must understand
that absolutely everything we have been taught since birth, and especially the *ways*
that we have been taught, have been highly *politicized* - that is, they have been
biased, politics being a branch of military thought. Therefor, I do not limit myself
when looking for information, and eventually found that those limitations were
purposefully placed in order to obscure a very diverse set of information that all
really pointed to something very simple.

That being said I believe that nothing is sacred in this world today.
I just left a house with a 6 year old watching R-rated TV several hours a day, playing
violent video games, and having already being highly conditioned in the unseen ways
 that this media manipulates us.

The illusion of sacred is created when concepts are fused with emotional identification
and then triggered, causing multiple, opposing reactions. The confusion added by the
conflicting emotions adds to the angst. It is all part of a proactive program designed
to keep ones outlook as limited as possible, precluding seeing the wide-open truth always
set before them.

Also consider this. Of all the things that you have been taught about your particular faith,
where does it say you should have a complex in your mind that judges things and separates them?
I know some people have had spiritual experiences, revelations, inspiration, but has it ever told
you that one particular book was all you needed? If you recognize that this is a societal impulse,
and that the 'complex' in your mind was actually purposefully placed, but not to your benefit, you
may see. 'Sola Scriptura' is, I believe, adequate while you are learning your faith, but once you
are filled with scripture, once you understand who God is and who you are, and begin to see  scripture in your every day life, then you must begin to study elsewhere.

G) Where can I get more information?

This site is an attempt to catalog the psychological methods by which the matrix of W.S.
operate. I am always available for questions, and my prior writing cryptically covers the
evolution of my thoughts. Beyond that it is somewhat difficult to explain the range of
information that must be at most understood to a working degree, and the few things that
must be deeply understood, before one can see through the veil.

When this information set becomes communalized I hope for us to work on the various aspects
of knowledge implicated in these understandings. Until then, one should steadily increase their
 vocabulary and read everything like it has wiki links embedded (ie, do copious background research.)

 H) Do you think people should use drugs?

As a whole, no, they are not safe, and many times heartless people peddle them.
While I have had many psychedelic experiences, fasting and meditating still provide
the deepest self insights, but that could be due to my prior experiences. It could be
due to my astrology. I don't know.

But I do believe that each substance has a particular use. When I was in drug circles,
I noticed very, very, very few people taking spiritual questions into their quests,
no-one talking about fasting/deprivation before embarking, no one speaking of anything
other than the sensations felt or the hallucinations seen. "I didn't see anything."
This would always confuse me. In very, very low doses, on a very light constitution,
many substances can provide insight.

I) Do you think you are God?

LOL, no, but I do not dismiss personal divinity, however not in the way that I believe
most of the law of attraction will take it.

I believe The Most High created us. We are his responsibility; however, I take a different
approach to the scripture Psalm 82:6 and other scriptures, in that I believe that a God-like
(or opposite) being rules this matrix-world, this age, unjustly, and that there are gods present
on the physical earth who are set to undo his rule. This personal divinity is hidden through out
 all of history; as prophets, as poets, as men of renown, nephilim, satan, as leaders and as
paupers, wandering wise men, saints, wizards, witches, and so on.

That it is not highly remarkable shows the effect of Hollywood: something simple made extreme.

This belief to me signifies my commitment to stop this evil. It is in MY hands.
I will begin the revolution. It is me. I AM.

I & I and The Most High.

J) What is the difference between bad and evil? Does evil even exist?

This is a common sentiment from well to do people; those who benefit from capitalism and
imperialism. The fact of the matter is, that a majority of the world does not benefit, and
experiences determent. That America thinks it is OK is a sign of the complacence engendered
by the matrix.

Evil is easily seen today; it is in Israel, it is in ISIS bombings, it is in American Politics,
it is in the past, in Slavery, AKA New Jim Crow, it is in the ambivalence of a person not of
color when *another* person of color is killed, unarmed, questionable circumstances, no reaction.

Bad is just that; having a fight and beating someone up is bad. Doing that for a living is evil.
I'll try and find earlier writing I have on that question.

K) What do you see as the eventual outcome for the wide dissemination of this information?

Once it is complete with vision quest and lucid dream information...

L) How endemic do you think racism is in America?
L) What is your view on the subconscious?

M) How does White Supremacy equate to Black Supremacy

N) Have you ever considered that you might be possessed by a demon or the devil?

Yes. I have battled demons in altered states, and many of my previous awakenings
were skewed by the improper context. The context of this age IS White Supremacy,
without which one is will be confused.

In becoming aware of my previous revelations I have also become aware of certain trends.
No matter the time period of the entry, or the ...

O) What is Schizophrenia?
     Stated, it is one visible result of the societal conditioning which causes the conscious mind to go against the subconscious mind, causes the latter to appear mysterious, unworkable, unaccessable.
     Colloquially, the definition of schizophrenia has changed many times; similarly to manic depression, bi-polar, sociopathic, psychopathic, crazy... do not depend on mass media and social groups to learn about these things.

P) Do our thoughts make reality?
       Somewhat... yes, and no. Our conscious connection to our subconscious world makes reality; as a whole, humanity shares similar conscious ideologies that are constructed on top of the Whole of Absolute Truth to form another personal, illusory milieu.

Q) What do you consider a good diet?
          it depends, but many things must be considered:
          Most food* served in America has lots of things in it that are not Food. food* != Food.
          Nearly anything can be eaten but obviously some people shouldn't eat some things, and
          excess is clearly imbalanced, an approach of Eating to Live is common sense, instead of
          being ruled by anticipation of sensory gratification and inevitable sedation. Natural foods
          are potentially better, organic, farm raised, non-commercial, non-processed, also fresh
          fruits and vegetables, green & leafy, ....  anything you could make or grow on your own
          with natural ingredients and some learning.

S) Who pays you? Do you work for someone?

Nobody. I survive off of very little. What I have I need to do what I do.
I had a job when I was 19, for 3 months, but since then I've never payed taxes.

T) What is the Apocalypse?

U) Explain what you think about heaven and hell.

Succinctly put, Heaven is when Absolute Truth is the same as Reality.
Hell is when they are not. Think of each as directions, with gradients,
begging the question, which way are we all going? Individually we can
have our own fates, but for our own existence to sustain it self, we can
only be collectively moving towards equilibrium between cosmic and physical law.

V) You talk about synchronicity a lot? What is it?

W) Life after death / reincarnation?

X) How do you determine true/false in regards to information when researching?
    After understanding, somewhat, propagandic mechanisms, methods of deferring authority
and repeated use of faulty logic, researching authors and their history/allegiance, critically
researching as many pieces of information related to one item of news or media, and also,
looking for keywords and phrases that may be sourced from other places, esp. when determining
original authenticity, I realized I still had to look at my own assumptions in accepting certain facts.

Y) How has your computer experience helped you in decoding the Matrix?
If you grew up building little electronic devices from designs in magazines, here
is an analogy for you. For those that didn't, here is the same anology:
What I am offering is a kit. Like a power supply taken out of a VCR, the heads of a tape player, some old copper wire, and a TV, hooked up to do something weird. 
Z) Can I haz a cookie?