POETRY: two tounged

the forked tongue of the adversary speaks in two languages - one to your conscious mind,
as fodder, the other to your subconscious mind, as command.

in his mind he speaks peace, yet in his heart is pure deceit. 

the forked tongue of the adversary speaks in two ways - one for your conscious mind,
as specious fodder,the other for your subconscious, paradigmic mind, as command.

in his mind he speaks peace, yet in his heart is pure deceit. his schism is our separation.
he lacks human emotion, but is full of avaricious yearning. he needs power, it is his only God.

He can be anyone. She can be temporarily or permanently possessed by this spirit.

against this power there is little defense.
recognition of its attributes is essential.

its power need not be entertained nor perpetuated,
in self, or allowed in others.

To begin to decode all of this, one must understand the dual paradigm of the habitual lyer.
He will constantly place himself between what he wants and how he can get it.
He will never reveal histrue self, but he may reveal his intentions, albeit lacking context.

His intent when communicating is never to relate,never to understand, never to learn, with exception
to how his goals will be achieved. Therefor, his communication may seem sweeter than most,
as his ability to attain what he desires is directly related to his ability to manipulate interaction.

He is like the operator of a scale, always taking a little bit off for himself,
always mis-weighing and mis-charging. In that metaphor, his only power is in
the mystification of how he performs his duties.

This process of the understanding of the eternally impoverished mind
is key to the understanding of anything important you might need.

With not only words, but the influence derived from careful use of those words,
he spreads lies and rumors which ultimately increase his catch.

In broad daylight, the thief comes, and everyone sees him, yet there is no reaction.

Through the air, his message reaches all.
Through his control, all willingly agree.

He is not but a man ... he is everywhere. He is in all of you, and in me.
He can hear me, see me right now. And he can hear all of you.

But remember, he only listens to that which pertains to his gain.
So maybe we can speak in a way that he won't hear.
Because he remembers. Forever.

But I don't forget.