VID: Noam Chomsky on Propaganda - The Big Idea - Interview with Andrew Marr

"Here, history was kind enough to set one up for us. The watergate exposure happened to take place at exactly the same time as another set of exposures, namely the exposures of Cointel Pro"

When the interviewer asks for clarification, Mr. Chomsky responds "The fact that you have to ASK me what COINTELPRO is, but you know what Watergate is, is the glaring example"

The interviewer (a well read journalist) asks for more information on Cointelpro, to which Mr. Chomsky responds "Its interesting that I have to explain it, because its vastly more significant than watergate, that already makes my point."

"The Big Idea" - a half hour interview between Noam Chomsky and British journalist Andrew Marr,
first aired by the BBC in February 1996.  
2014-11-18: English subtitles added.
If you're interested in more recent examples of propaganda in the British media,