Wisdom of the Ages defined

wisdom comes from knowing what age you are in.
for if you do not know the age, you cannot subtract
that from all of the things that you will learn, as
they will be tainted. adding knowledge to wisdom of
the ages allows for true progression.

the wisdom of the ages is but the wisdom of *the* age,
but not the astronomical or astrological age, though
they are important, it is knowledge of the *political*
age that we are in, which is that of white supremacy.

white supremacy is not necessarily associated with the KKK.
that is the fallacy. it is behind the KKK, but also behind
many other government institutions, educational motifs, and
even embedded in our language. consider this:

when nearly everything that is good can be associated with
white, and nearly everything that is bad can be associated
with black, or hidden, unknown, unpleasant, white signifying
pure, black signifying marked, white like light, black like
darkness, snow white, black death, subliminally these act as
parameters for triggers to compartmentalize and limit definition
and expression.

in other words, that these terms are part of W.S. are not
happen-stance; they did not evolve out of language and social
modification, they were imposed long ago, and things rewritten
in order to fit the paradigm. a paradigm so pervasive, that to
even subtly suggest the polar opposite of it would cause outrage!

a common comparison of this use of language is to that of Orwell's
Newspeak, detailed in 1984. that it is clearly expressed in such a
book is the attempt to describe-but-proscribe - it is now considered
far away, exterior, magical, fantasy, fiction - forbidden.

in the same way, much of popular and antique fiction performs the same
function as describing a phenomena but condemning it to illusion & delusion.

an understanding that our history basically starts with the commencement of
white supremacy, and the war of the exiles over the masses of melaninated
(k, the auto-correct for melinanted comes out to 'eliminated' - fwiw)
peoples world-wide, as a fight for survival, but *beyond* cosmic law, that
would not succeed, but could be sustained, if only for some short time.

that these people were cunning beyond belief is evident - no rational human
at that time had any *reason* to lie, be deceptive, and therefor, his lies
would be sweet, divisive, highly thought out, psychopathic. he would not
always wage out-right way, he would often cause coups, infiltrate government,
infiltrate anything absolutely necessary, divide it, limit it, control it.

as was said his time is limited - he and his people, his ideologies, his
matrix and oppression and subjugation of the mass populace, is against his
Creators intent, and it is only a short matter of time before his deception
will be revealed, and we will be in the last times.

Have a good day!