BLOG: On the road... or the rails... of Racism ...

15+ pages of writing in the past two weeks has me feeling odd. At some point it just flows, I add thought, thoughts are forgotten, memories are triggered, I try and keep various points in mind, look back over recent words.

I began by looking into Racism, was shortly made aware that common usage of the term and occurrences were incorrect; racism had been confined to interpersonal experiences, and was rarely looked at as systematic; historical racism was seen as separate and ended, criminal justice racism was happen-stance, and bias was inherent, unapproachable, and permanent.

Unsatisfied with generalized ideas of why this racism was occurring, I kept searching. Early on I decided that genocides world-wide were connected with colonial occupation, and that there was clearly a pattern globally connecting all of these atrocities. When I began to look into other researchers or writers who approached genocide in this way, I found they had greater awareness than most who covered singular events as if they were in closed systems; for instance, eugenics is a very broad topic which is not often looked at in the context of colonialism; and is often pushed off as conspiracy theory, despite numerous documents showing otherwise.

From here, Dr. Phil Valentine would guide me: "People are trained to accept the WHAT of a thing as the HOW and the WHY, and ignore the latter 2". I find this pattern repeated everywhere; very few look at topics with any depth. So the information I was looking for was scattered & controversial, questions I would ask weren't directly addressed, people I asked about these things either weren't very interested, had strong opinions while having done no research, or were interested, but quickly distracted.

I would not forget though ...

Trying to understand the *how* of a thing is particularly difficult when you've been conditioned to accept irrationalizations as truths. 

As I was doing the above, I also began to talk to Caucasian friends directly about racism. After talking to several friends, I concluded that they all had been brain-washed - like zombies. Some of them had lived in multicultural areas, and some of them were educated while some weren't, but overall, having different rationalizations and sets of information, at the *core* of their arguments was something they had difficulty articulating - even though our conversations were frank and sometimes a bit heated. They still couldn't go deeper. 

Of note was a couple of them thinking this had to do with my current court case; that I was just angry. That they were all fairly comfortable in life, never struck them as out of place. But, after these conversations, I began to look more into melanin and related theories, and will continue these conversations again from a different angle.

So all of this is just to re-trace my tracks. On a train to Chicago, and after sitting in LA for 12 hours, everyone seems asleep, except for that random woman who came up and hugged me, smiled, then walked off.

Dr. Francis Cres Welsing has expounded the genetic basis of White Supremacy; she is not widely known, and is attacked by many white academics; there seem to be more obscured researchers Dr Ivan Van Sertima, etc.

I'll conclude by noting the obvious bias: Caucasians seem to be satisfied with a world-view that includes them at the middle. I mean, civilization came from Rome & Greece! Yea, we evolved and from departed from Africa, but, that was very long ago.

But, when you say - how about, instead of evolve, I say you ran away from civilization, stole what you got, and figured out how to manipulate history and fool everyone.. You understand that the Sun is not supposed to kill you, that you can't reproduce as effectively as any non-white phenotype without scientific advance, and that in order to sustain your existence you have subjugated most other peoples.... and that karma is going to be a real, real fucking bitch.

"Hit your oppressor in his pockets.. you keep appealing to his moral virtue, but he doesn't have one' - Umar Johnson