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Bat-Gen (Batt-Gen or Batt//Gen)
Batt//Gen Battery & Voltmeter

"From what I understand, the Bat-Gen contains melanin suspended in water. Dr. Solís says that melanin in human beings acts as a catalyst to split water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen, producing energy. He states that the first prototype units which he made in 2007 have been producing electricity without interruption ever since.

“In January of 2005,” says Solís, “I listened to a speech by George W. Bush, who said that substances are needed that can separate the hydrogen atom from water, so that we can fully enter into the hydrogen era. I wondered: why don’t they use melanin? I set about the task of finding the answer and I did find it.”

In 2005 he applied for a patent for “A new photo electrochemical procedure to break the water molecule into hydrogen and oxygen using as the main substrate melanins, their precursors, analogues or derivatives.” Since then he has been granted this patent in Russia, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and—only two months ago—in the USA.

“In 1980 I began to study the three main causes of blindness because these have remained the main causes all over the world for the last 50 years…and the treatments don’t work very well. So I was studying the human optic nerve which is very small, the size of 12 human hairs together. I magnified it and when I got it large enough, I could see that there was melanin there. I found it in the optic nerves of 6000 patients! And I asked myself the question: ‘What’s it there for?’ So I went to my teachers, but they didn’t know. Then I began to ask people at congresses, but they didn’t know either. Twelve years later, one day in February, I found it. I saw that the melanin was splitting the water molecule. What I was witnessing was human photosynthesis.”

Solís added that it has long been thought that people get energy from glucose, but, according to him, glucose is only a source of biomass, producing skin, bones, nails, etcetera, “but in reality the energy comes from the hydrogen released by human photosynthesis. Melanin is 1000 times more efficient than chlorophyll. Melanin requires a trillionth of a second to split the water molecule, but this process, like any chemical reaction, is influenced by concentrations, temperature, moisture, light, etc.”

“When people reach the age of 26,” he continued, “their melanin begins to lose its capacity to do this, and after 50 the process goes into freefall. I should mention that cold weather slows down the process, as does the consumption of alcohol and –believe it or not—iron supplements.”

Solís’ focus on melanin led him on a search for ways to help people in whom the substance is no longer doing its job properly, for example, the elderly or people affected with Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s. The result was a product he calls Qiapi 1, which he says enhances human photosynthesis. I soon learned that many of the people coming to his clinic were taking Qiapi for eye and other problems."

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This is similar to a scene from the Animatrix (video).. substitute machines for the true adversary and this fictional story may make more sense - especially given the first scene of the movie, 'Flight of the Osiris' where the Black Male fights the Eurasian Female with sexual connotations .. (From 24:35)

The machines, having long studied men's simple, protein-based bodies...
...dispensed great misery upon the human race.

Victorious, the machines now turned to the vanquished.

Applying what they had learned about their enemy...

...the machines turned to an alternate and readily available power supply:

The bioelectric, thermal and kinetic energies of the human body.

A newly-fashioned symbiotic relationship between the two adversaries was born.

The machine drawing power from the human body...

...an endlessly multiplying, infinitely renewable energy source.

This is the very essence of the Second Renaissance. 

You are here because you know something, what you know you can’t explain, -- CUT
Now this can all be explained.