BLOG: Symbolic Truth in All Things & Why I Say These Things

In all things there is truth, even in symbolic, subconscious form;
The Truth thus cannot be hidden; even in imagination, there is connection to divine law.

As we all will see Truth in all things, the only way to negate that was to flood our minds with semi-truths, out of place, outright lies, and "fictions" - as we will see, many so called stories and fables only exist for this purpose - and conceal high truths, but being told as fiction (with a bit of truth! go figure, they even say that) - you wrap all of each stories elements into a separate box and put it away.

Until understanding the subconscious, more education allows an approach to these truths, if one is willing. It will begin as an odd sensation that something is wrong, with anything, with everything, but with THIS... this story, this news, this song, something here really draws me in...  but that won't be the source of your education, though you will be able to focus on it and worship it if you like.

Since they have fragmented our cultures, purposefully destroyed many ancient historical records and obscured others, created "religions" that seem diverse but are all essentially founded on the same false premises, created stories that would make divinity seem "far away", magical, fantasy, and super-natural, even if we knew there was something true in it, it would ALWAYS seem exterior, uneffectable by us, unknown, mysterious.

This is simply not the case.

I will begin to present as many things as I can to illustrate my ultimate point.

From here I could explain my current view on the subconscious, or ... why I say these things!
Especially in these ways. Well ...

If you know me in real life you may have some insight as to my variable demeanor.
You may also know that I've been making various forms of art for a while.

It all began under very mysterious circumstances.. at 18 I began to feel Kundalini rise.
After one of the first times I smoked strong cannabis. After that an outrageous psychedelic
trip in solitude opened my mind up to all types of perspectives.. then at 23 I began to write
furiously, at first it felt like *I* was being written, then that coalesced into having control
and access, through rises and falls of inspiration.

I've written as much as I could since this all began, and even reading dreams from when I was 19,
I see symbolism and connection to my prior and future tasks. This amazing realization is what
drives me and convinces me that this is not all just craziness.