BLOG: Truth in Context: What is it, How is it found, and Why is it hidden? Truth in Perspective

How do you find truth? that is something i am often asked, well.....This is what I have found, so far.

Everything below is considered conjecture; so too as above.

Truth is that which exists. all things are true to that degree, and no things are false.
What separates levels of truth up to the Absolute, is Context.

So, with the proper context, all things are true; Imaginations of any type have *truth* in them.
Their truth, regardless of connection to any form of reality, is at its core symbolic in
nature; symbols which always dictate internal subconscious movement.

Likewise, falsities also contain symbolic truth, combined with the context that they are nothing more than false-hoods at face-value.

When approaching Absolute Truth, one must consider a view-point, or context.
So a more direct question would be, what is the proper context for this information?
Where does the context come from?

I have found contexts from education - broad ranges of information which eventually
cause contexts to expand and expand until more and more things can be considered true
to whatever extent, being completely and comfortably encompassed in a greater truth.

Restrictions are placed on this contextualization, though; strict faiths, limited imaginations,
and conditioned responses preclude gaining greater understandings beyond what is currently understood - outside of understandings transmitted by authorities. Our societal education institution slowly limits where we look for conformations and validations about what we are told.

Another tainter of truth is false self hood. Just as physical things cause false identifications,
conditioning you to believe in the temporary phenomena of creation, ideas can be linked
to emotional responses that trigger identification. Removal of these identifications is
analogous to removal of insect infestation - efficient, total eradication is required.
Methods beyond thought, habit, and social understanding are required. In effect, temporary physical and psychological denial of self can break the routine false-identifications; fasting, self-deprivation, sleep-deprivation - essentially vision questing - can displace false, repeated idol worship.

Having said all of this, a friend put it into context for me in this way:

Truth is. It is all, changeless, infinite.
This is the Absolute Truth.
Reality, conversely, is the other side of the coin.
Reality is what you *accept* to be true.
To that degree, what is widely accepted makes a reality within the Truth.
A deviation, if you will.

The reality of the world is that we are dominated by a small number of people,
whose interest has been shown to not be in life, but in gain of physical stature.

Who they are, why they exist, how they are in power, is never the focus of any
serious debate, and this is due to conditioning.

Let us delve further into this.

From my research there is a widely-understood, but in very small circles,
context that must be applied to absolutely everything.

Without stating it up front, I will show a route to finding it, or how I personally discovered it.

Be warned, the following is very subjective, may hurt or anger you, may lead you, or may kill you.

Being a descendant of Africa, born in America, under a dominant Caucasian Culture, I have experienced a life which I believed to be fairly unjust. Any attempts to understood this was socially diverted, as I often had my own personal problems, and had great difficulty separating my problems from those of my upbringing, education, family, or other interactions after birth; nature vs nurture and forth.

Since we can agree on the term 'dominant culture', understanding why they are 'dominant' and what that phrase means is in order. We were enslaved and profited from, of that there is no doubt. We were held captive for a period of time and then 'released' - to which the dominant culture reacts with the cliche 'get over it' - this seems to be the socially accepted program which provides a complete dismissal of the cultural genocide performed and *happening*.

Understanding the plight of Palestine, the destruction of Aborigine culture, South American democratic struggles, African poverty & democide, and the overall detriment witnessed and experienced globally which is seen as directly descended from colonial expansion, settler imperialism and capitalist exploitation, made me begin to comprehend that none of these things was unrelated, happen-stance, ended, or secret. Just obscured.

Easily obscured is the fact that Slavery never changed, rather was renamed. African slaves would be incarcerated at a high rate through any means, where they would become forced workers for prison institutions. This is where it gets interesting.

In conversations with Caucasian friends, bringing up that particular link will solicit a fairly predictable response - 'Ahhh, yea, I know', [sorry]. What I think is happening, is they see Slavery as past, and over, and hence downplay the noted institutional bias and racism, but when it is brought into a contemporary context, they are then forced to agree to their governmental choices, in the same way that their schizophrenia compels them to agree to genocidal occupations in the name of freedom or transfer of wealth or something.

Soon I will have to personalize this. I am currently caught up in costly legal troubles, which threaten my freedom and expression, and seem to stem majorly from my appearance. Is their white privilege and comfort as important as my own liberty and self-determination? Might have to think, but I don't believe it would be.

Now to genetics. Genetically, there is rarely a comparison of pure Caucasian / European / Aryan genetics, or 'blood', to pure African blood. In effect, the statement of White Supremacy can be traced to superiority genetics - in one way or the other. So, is the Caucasian gene pool stronger than the African gene pool?

Let's find out. Actually, you go find out, I've made up my mind, and here I present to you What I've found - the above was the How.

World-wide, the Caucasian birth-rate has declined to a point where it is said to be *lower* than their death rate, as a whole. Mean-while, non-white peoples birth-rates steadily rise. This is framed in the context of '3rd world countries' with 'inadequate resources' that are filled with 'starving children'. To that degree, I believe that *all* population control efforts have been performed against non-white populaces. Any adverse effects that have influenced Caucasian populations has been unintended, or perhaps mostly missed purer-blooded lines.

Context. White Supremacy vs Black Supremacy.

The 18 trillion dollar question then becomes, if the Caucasian race had NOT begun its operation of colonial expansion in or around the 13-1400's (perhaps after the so-called Dark Ages ..) would their population still have such high numbers? Or .. would they even exist?

The Mark of Cain

It is often intimated that when Cain killed his brother, Able, that he was forever cursed by God, and a mark was placed upon him; this mark was Black skin, which is the rational behind a majority of White Supremacist Religious Belief. Finding that this doctrine has lineage in Mormon scripture, I wondered how this all came together, but was quickly confronted with a harsh reality.

If Cain was Blackened, that would explain the (African-American) Black Race's inability to maintain political control of itself, the individual subjects to maintain control of their Anger, and their proclivity to violent expression. However .. I have found those things to be more adequately explained by colonial and White Supremacist behaviors and their effects.

So, I flipped the script, and found many of the things that I knew to be upside down ... but I had in some small way, already known this.

Cain was made a leper, or perhaps he was the descendant of an inbred albino, and as such, he had no, very little, or malformed melanin in his being. This lack, was the cause of his overall infidelity. He would murder, vocalize irrational, hurtful things, and, having no heart, or a blocked connection to such, would roam in solitude, unable to rationalize with any common man, to the point of diving so far into his own imagination that he would begin to move towards intellectualization of unexpressed, heart-felt, mimicry of that which he had not.

Being driven to the most unprofitable land by any and everyone and thing, he would find some harmony and solace in the darkness of his own new mind, and in that darkness, would imagine a way to obtain and maintain his life force and descendants, for that impetus was still embedded in him by his Creator.

This "whitened" man has survived, and done quite well for himself, far beyond his Creators wishes. He has gained control of all government, all monetary institutions, all educational institutions, and all means of communication in the global population. He is the central theme of all prophecy, the source of all evil, and the root of all disharmony and separation in our world. In effect, he is the cause of our death.

While these are grand claims, I must end this with a direct address.

I will break your rule.

Personally, spiritually, physically, fundamentally, permanently.

Your time is coming to end.

Absolute Time will return, and you will be forever decimated by My Hands.
You will kill me and I will return in duplicate until you are made unknown &
turned into the dust from which you were made.

Having said this (!!!) you will know that I have no reservations and no fears,
and as such will not hold back my Truth. This Truth has come about as a result
of the limits of toleration of the proliferation of death and ignorance amongst
my people.

Given that proliferation, and its infestation to the core of human rationality,
many of these understandings (even IF stated as fictional) will cause a variety
of predictable reactions of which I have described in my previous writings.

Mostly it will be caused by the inherent schizophrenic nature of our society.
Knowing half of these things subconsciously, the populace will reject it;
this is caused by conscious suppression, and as a bubble metaphor, bursting
these bubbles causes directed energy to be released from the point (or points!)
destroyed by this information.

When I say to the youth, that ye lack context for many of the things that you
know, know that they are purposefully conditioned in that way, to obscure
independent arrival of the overall context.

im in your [temples], turning over your [tables]

" one gets the coins, the other gets their souls "