VID: Neely Fuller Jr - How Racism Got Started

I was going to link to Mr Fuller's wikipedia page but ... it has been deleted. I left an expletive filled message for whoever was going to revert the deletion log. Really, I've noticed huge amounts of systematic removal and censorship of most topics related to Racism.

Mr Fuller, author of The United Independent Compensatory Code System Concept a textbook/workbook for Thought, Speech and/or Action for Victims of Racism (white supremacy), has originated the two key ideas about White Supremacy - that in not understanding its inner-workings and overall reach, any other subjects or topics you learn about will only confuse you. Secondly, there are 9 major areas where it is active, with Sex being the most motivating and powerful.

Most timely is his point about homosexuality and racism: 8:22 "depends on how it plays out in the end." - and I think it has fairly much played out.

INTERVIEWER: ".. white people tend to think of non-white people as boys, and girls - and you tied that into how that relates to homosexual behavior."

Fuller: "Racism is a variation of Royalism"

"In any structure, that is dominant, you have to dominate the people in all areas of activity. If you don't dominate them in all areas of activity, other areas of activity will slip away from the domination factor."

"You have 9 areas .. (1) economics (2) education (3) entertainment (4) labor (5) law (6) politics (7) religion (8) sex (9) war"

"Sex is the most powerful motivating force among people, next to the system of White Supremacy itself."

4:10 "When you have a system of racism, you only have one man, and one woman category, and that would be the masters themselves. You can't have the victims of your system growing into manhood and womanhood ... when they were boys, they were completely dependent on you, they understood that, they would do your bidding, they were easier to control. Same thing with the girls, who are trying to be women."

"It defies logic that you would allow them to go from boys to men, if you're not going to allow them to go from boys to men, what will you allow them to do?"

"What you do, is divert them away, from wanting to become men ... have him go from boy-hood to female-hood; that is, he changes his gender all together, at least in his mind. Then he's easier to control. Then you do the same thing to the female; take the black female, and rather than allow her to go the normal progression of things, steer her away from the direction of becoming a woman, and in the direction of becoming a male."

16:58 ".. the fellow sitting there with the wine bottle in front of the liquor store .. who's 40 years old.. because he's a black male, thats why he's drinking: he has been disallowed to ever be a man, and he knows he'll never be one; he'll always be a boy - and that is tearing him up, inside" ..   "He will fight people, right there in that parking lot, about his manhood.."