Blog Purpose - Revolution or Annihilation

If the pen is mightier than the gun, then the most dangerous thing in the (white) world is an intelligent oppressed man with a keyboard.

While I don't claim to be any of the above, I do have many keyboards, and many ideas. I need feedback.

When over 3 decades of questions began to be answered, I questioned the answers, and this is the result.

Being born in the occupied states of America, I have always had a difficult time finding a cultural identity.
While my struggles for identity and purpose may have been more acute and prolonged than others, it is only recently that I've begun to think the reason I was having a difficult time was because many other people were also facing the same issues, though on different scales.

Not growing up with my father meant being raised by my grandmother, and that meant being the test subject for the first few rounds of electronic video games, and then the advent of cable television, all perfectly timed with the stages of my childhood. Though these experiences created many psychological patterns, it was home computing technology and the popularization of the internet that really guided me through my youth.

There was some jazz, some Al Green, in my house, but I would find a broken EPMD tape in the middle of the street one day, repair it, and get hooked.. thinking back to my state of mind I don't know if there was a real separation between me and the music - it was as much a part of life as food and water, yet I didn't think that I needed it, nor did I know why I liked it.

Some time after I began listening to FM radio, Hot 97, and an underground station in the 88-89 range.. I was aware of the music slowly changing, until hearing on the radio that both Tupac and Biggie had been killed .. but it never crossed my mind as to why it was changing. Kool Moe D had been on TV, LL Cool J, "Self Destruction", party music. But in just a few years, overt sexuality and drugs had made hip hop a big star.

Growing up fairly anti-social I never had friends that swayed me in any particular way, and when gangsta became the scene I eventually stopped listening to the radio. In my early 20's I would ride whatever current new file sharing system there was, and find underground hip hop.

All of these experiences became beacons when I began to grasp the extent of propaganda, and my actual origins on this planet. Even going to a black primary school which showed Roots, didn't seem to show the importance of all of those things, or put it into context of what I would experience growing up. It seemed to only foster a false familiarity with the subject.

I left NYC; I would spend more than 10 years around upper-class white people in a small suburban enclave in South California. While those experiences need their own details filled in, and I did gain lots of insight on parts of my identity and interesting acquaintances, the main thing I took from there was a Brother telling me to look up Adam Curtis and his documentary series.

I watched Century of Self, was fairly surprised, and sort of grok'd it, yet I was inundating myself with documentaries, theories, random ideas. I also browsed over Neuro Linguistic Programming and Noam Chomsky, and even after listening to tapes for hours couldn't fully grasp their significance. A couple years after, I would stay with my dad for several months - the second extended period of time I'd spent with him, for a total of just over a year.

While with him I fully embraced Christianity, partially sparked by a previous relationship with a Christian woman, but also by, well, a very weird dream which woke me up some days after I had broken up with her, and moved in with my father. We attended church, and talked about spiritual themes (among other things). During this time I would listen to the entire bible in different audio forms, and read, and also began browsing Strong's Concordance.

Stumbling upon sermons.com, I would find a sermon by Paul Washer - What a Man is Not - Biblical Manhood - the basis of which is that Iron Sharpens Iron - Proverbs 27:17 - a man teaches a man about manhood, and there is no other way to know. So where had I learned about manhood from?

This began a radical transformation of my mind - I was in college at the time, where we were studying Leonard Peltier, and my dissatisfaction with the social climate and educational model were growing. I began to understand some things my dad said about responsibility and discipline - terms I unfortunately grew up not hearing (or listening to). And my ideas of how 'big' what I was trying to understand was beginning to come into view.

When I left my dads some time later, he sent me off with a number of documentaries, including one by Noam Chomsky. I would be involved in a court case, where several questions of bias were left open, and going into the mountains to stay with a few acquaintances in solitude, I would begin to understand what Mr Chomsky was getting to. An argument with my friend over police brutality would make me look up racial issues, and that would begin my ultimate journey.

This has been a journey of only several months now, since I first saw how deeply this world had been influenced, how greatly thought had been limited, by propaganda and psychological warfare mechanisms.

The direct connection to colonial power and my own culture within a culture gives me an outlook which now closely inspects any information that passes through me, and out of me, because without understanding all of these things, and the dire requirement to pass them on to the youth, I don't believe you can be considered a Man of any note.

Understand that there is a global program of White Supremacy occurring.
In America the main object of this genocide is upon Black Males and Females.
In fact, the actual targets for psychological war is children under 14.
As free as people think the US is, the fact is that the overt slavery of the 1800's
has been simply replaced by covert slavery of many forms. 

To that degree, knowing this information and being an African Descendant requires you to understand this complex set of problems, and warn everyone, as a matter of cultural survival, on a whole - not just in America, but in Africa, in Australia, in South America - in all places afflicted by the poison of colonialism and imperialism.

For it should be patently clear - there shall either be a Revolution or we shall face Annihilation.